Success in Cannabis Growing: The importance of pH Testing

For a successful cannabis harvest, it’s crucial to ensure your plants have the correct nutrients. You can’t give your plants the right nutrients if they aren’t able or unable to absorb them properly, regardless of how high-quality your nutrients may be. For successful cannabis growth, pH testing is crucial.

What exactly is pH?

Let’s start by defining pH. A pH scales from 0 to 14 and measures how acidic or alkalinity a solution. A pH level of 7 represents neutral. An acidic solution will have a pH lower than 7. Anything above 7 would be considered alkaline. Because it impacts how effectively your cannabis plants are able to absorb nutrients, pH levels in the soil, coco-coir and hydroponic medium is important for cannabis growth.

Why is pH important for Cannabis Growing

There is an optimal pH range for cannabis plants that allows them to absorb nutrients easily. It is recommended that cannabis plants grow between pH 6.0 and 7.0. Too high or low pH can result in plants not being able to absorb essential nutrients, leading to other issues.

How to test pH

You can easily test the pH levels of your grow medium. For accurate pH measurement, you will need a pH measuring kit or meter. Start by taking a tiny amount of your medium to grow and mixing it with distilled. You can then dip your pH tester or test kit in the solution, and watch for the results. If pH levels are outside of the optimal range, adjust them.

How do I adjust the pH

You can easily adjust the pH levels of your grow medium. If you find the pH level too high (alkaline), it can be adjusted by adding vinegar or citric acid. The pH level can be adjusted to increase its acidity by using baking soda or potassium hydroxide. Make sure you adjust the pH slowly, then test until the perfect range.


The key to successful cannabis growth is maintaining the pH of your growing medium. It is important to ensure your plants absorb the correct nutrients. You should test the pH level frequently and adjust it as necessary. You can avoid a lot more headaches by investing in a pH tester kit.