Cannabis Plant Training for Higher Yields

The technique of cannabis plant training can be used to improve the yield and growth pattern of your cannabis plants. The best way to increase the yield is by pruning the plants’ branches and then bending them.

There are many benefits of cannabis plant training techniques are numerous. Here are the best:

Higher Yield:

This is one of the greatest benefits to cannabis plant training. It can help you increase your marijuana plants’ yield. It is possible to manipulate the plants’ growth and increase their number. This will allow you to grow larger buds.

Higher light penetration:

The result can be larger and more sturdy buds at the bottom branches.

Improvement of airflow:

Cannabis plant training may also help to improve airflow. This is a great way to stop mold growth and pest infestations.

Gain more control:

Plant training allows growers to have greater influence over the structure and form of their plants. This is especially helpful for indoor growers that need to maximize the space they have.

Many different techniques can be used to enhance your cannabis yields. Below is a list of some of the best:


Refers to removing the topmost portion of the main branch to allow for two new branches to be grown. This gives the plant a greater canopy, and allows for more flowers.


Low Stress Training. This is where you gently bend the branch of your plant in order to make a better canopy. This increases light penetration to the lower branches which encourages greater bud growth.

SCROG (Screen of Green):

Is where the screen is placed over the plants. The branches are then woven through the screen as they grow. This ensures that the canopy is uniform and promotes more bud growth.

Super Cropping:

The Super Cropping method involves applying gentle pressure to the stem. This creates a small kink. This may stimulate more plants to grow.

To summarize, cannabis plant training is a crucial technique to maximize the production of cannabis plants. It is possible to improve the yield of your marijuana plants by changing the growth patterns. You will be able to produce more buds, increase their size, and also make the plant healthier. You should definitely consider plant training if your goal is to make cannabis grow more efficient.