How to Use to Expand Your Cannabis Business Across State Lines

It can be difficult to expand your cannabis business, especially when you consider payment processing. Different laws and regulations apply to cannabis in different states. This can make accepting payments from customers from other states difficult. The right payment processor can make it easier to expand your cannabis-related business across state lines. could be one of these payment processors. offers a cannabis-friendly way for merchants to take payments from customers across the country. has many benefits for expanding your cannabis business.

Sign up for

This can all be done online and is fast and easy.

Integrate with a website or POS software:

Once You’ve signed up, can be integrated with your site or POS. is compatible with many eCommerce platforms. This allows customers to accept payment from anywhere in the world.

Verify customer identification: must verify the identity of customers before they can make a purchase. This is an easy process that can be done online within minutes.

Accept payments from customers outside of your state: will allow you to accept payments in any state where marijuana is legal. This allows you the freedom to expand your market reach beyond your home state. makes it easy to accept payment from customers across the country. This allows you expand your cannabis business, and increases your revenue.’s easy-to-use platform and compliance to state regulations make it the ideal solution.