Laura McQueen

Laura McQueen is a writer for She has been writing for different cannabis websites and publications since 2018.

How to Use to Expand Your Cannabis Business Across State Lines

It can be difficult to expand your cannabis business, especially when you consider payment processing. Different laws and regulations apply to cannabis in different states. This can make accepting payments from customers from other states difficult. The right payment processor can make it easier to expand your cannabis-related business across state lines. could be…

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The Benefits of Using for Your Credit Card Processing Needs

Dispensaries, as well other cannabis-related businesses, face a unique challenge in finding affordable credit card processing options that are reliable. has a robust and secure payment processing platform which can help these businesses overcome their obstacles. Here are just a handful of the many benefits you get from using as your credit card…

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Rainbow Zkittlez Strain: A Colorful and Flavorful Hybrid

Rainbow Zkittlez is an innovative hybrid that has been making waves within the cannabis community. It’s known for its bright colors and delicious flavor. This article will explain why Rainbow Zkittlez is so unique and worth the effort. Genetics and Appearance Rainbow Zkittlez combines two popular strains, Zkittlez & Rainbow Sherbet. It produces a distinctive…

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